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27 Aug 87
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Dateline: 9 November 1999 All-day Edition
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Telescum Are Bloody Fascist Wankers?

The plight of an Auckland businessman has cast light on what some are calling Telecom's "dubious" business practises.

Ray Dawson of [email protected]'s @uto [email protected] contacted Telescum's Business sales department to arrange for an 0800 word number for his business. He requested 0800 [email protected] and was told by the representative he spoke to that this was possible.

However, when confirmation of the new number arrived in the post, Ray was shocked to find that the number he had been given was 0800 DAWSONS, not 0800 [email protected], the one he had requested.

Mr Dawson contacted Telescum to ask them to immediately fix their mistake. Telescum's PR machine swung into action and one of their spin doctors came up with a cleverly worded statement saying that it was not possible to have the @ symbol in a phone number as it was not featured on telephone key pads.

All very well for Telescum, but not such good news for Ray who had just spend over $2500 on new letterhead and business cards with 0800 [email protected] printed on them.

Now as the administrators of 0800 numbers Telescum do have the right to decide what numbers and letters can be used for them, but come on Telescum.

Look around, on almost every web page you visit you will see the @ symbol. Even this web page has incorporated it into its logo. It is the international symbol of online savvy - and by denying its use Telescum are showing their lack of savvy.

I suggest that Telescum "get with it" and add the @ to the list of character available for phone numbers. A simple set of phone number stickers posted out to every household ought to be enough to get everyone dialling the new @.

I'm an ideas man, and that's my idea. It's now up to Telescum to show that they are responsive to their customers needs.

"Why" not "have" your "say" "!"


Linux - OS Of Choice For Sad-Arses With No Social Lives
A report released today has revealed that of the 3,500 Linux users surveyed, almost 90% are sad-arses with no social lives...

Porn Money-Making Seminars Popular
A new study has shown that next to pornography, the second most popular way to make money on the Internet is to run seminars showing how porn companies make money on the Internet...

Another Blue and Yellow Portal Launched
Wednesday saw the launch of another portal with a blue and yellow colour scheme. Offering a search engine, news headlines, free email and personalisation...

Some Guy's Mate Declared "Groundbreaking Internet Pioneer"
On a minor Internet awards page, today, a friend of the site's owner was declared to be a "groundbreaking Internet pioneer".

Company Aims to "Make Money" on Internet
A new company called "Making Money on the Internet Soulutions" launched today with the claim that it had managed to figure out how to make money off the Internet...

IRC Used To Spice Up Boring Day At Office
Even though use of IRC is banned at the company where he works, Assistant Co-Mananger Steve Tompkins spends up to 73% of his work day on IRC chatting with the hot girls in #bifemsex...

Hilarious E-Mail Joke Send Around the World
An hilarious joke list titled "Top 10 Things Men Wish Women Would Say" was sent around the world today in a pioneering effort which saw it received by people in over 20 different countries...

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