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Big Bandwidth Sucking Thing
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13 Nov 98
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Media Ignores Industry Conference

Another MLM Scam

Telecom Are Noony-Headz

What the Hell's Going on Here?

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Dateline: 13 November 1998 All-day Edition

Exclusive Investigation!

Media Ignores Industry Conference - Again!
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"Why" not "have" your "say" "!"


Ecommerce - It's just people buying stuff.
A new report on Ecommerce released today revealed that Ecommerce is just another name for people buying stuff that they don't want...

Is "Television" a threat to the 'Net?
Does "television" have the potential to woo net surfers away from their beige boxes and towards the sleek "black" boxes of "television"?

Launch of
Today in cyberspace "Flufffy", from Hamilton, New Zealand and "HuGGGy1" from Hamilton, Canada, announced their cyber-engagement...

New ISP to target cave dwellers
In an example of the increasingly niche market of ISP, RockNet today launched, claiming to be "The only ISP soley aimed at people who live in caves"...

Company offers "problems"
In a market seemingly flooded by "solution providers" today saw the launch of the first "problem providers". "We look forward to f***ing things up," said co-founder Maxwell Katz...

E-mail delivers Korn MP3
E-mail was used to transmit an MP3 file of the song "All in the family" by the music group Korn from 17 year old Jason Hanson, of Auckland, to 17 year Brendan McCullough also of Auckland...
USA Today

Hacker deletes porn off collegues computer
A hacker working in a large European bank, today deleted a collection of pornographical pictures from his collegues computer...

Company "cyberfies" logo by changing 'a' to '@'
Dawson's Auto Repairs today launched their new website, which included an innovative logo which replaced all occurances of the letter 'a' with the '@' symbol to read "[email protected]'s @uto [email protected]"

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