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Friday 13 November 1998
Copyright 1998 to Keith Flinton

Media Ignores Industry Conference

As regular readers of my words of wisdom, and I believe I can now count several world heads of state amongst you, you will no doubt be aware of the Mt Roskill Amiga Users Meeting held last Tuesday evening at the Mt Roskill RSA.

I always make sure that I attend as many industry events as possible, and I certainly didn't miss out on this.

The hall was packed with Amiga users from all over Auckland. One deligate had travelled as far as Glenfield to attend.

One of the guest lectuers, Selwyn Reid from Balmoral, gave an informative talk on how he has created a simple version of ICQ which can be run on an Amiga.

Mrs Bronwyn Callinger gave an impromptue talk where she mentioned that her son Duncan was unable to attend due to having a bad cold, but if anyone had a copy of a web browser that didn't keep crashing could she please have a copy of it.

After four hours, the conference concluded and the delegates retired for the evening.

I left feeling enlightened.

The next day, however, was not so impressive. I had expected that old media would ignore the event, as it had done with similar events in the past. And indeed I was correct.

There was no mention in the New Zealand Herald, nothing on the big four TV channels, nor in any other old media sources.

As I expected, old media had let themselves down again.

But new media proved to be equally disappointing. I expectantly checked out No mention. Nothing. Again, nothing.

I find this lack of coverage disappointing and worrying.

For how long will both old media and new media ignore such events? Will Yak be the only media source to cover these important events?

I, for one, certainly hope that old and new media will learn a lesson soon and give events such as these the coverage they deserve.

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Another MLM Scam

Actually, I really could do with the cash


I received an interesting email today which asked:

To: [email protected]
Subj: Y2K

Keith, would you be so kind as to provide readers with details of how Yak will be preventing trouble caused by the Y2K bug.

Bruce McKay

I was, of course, immediately suspicious.

For a start, how did this "Bruce McKay" - if that is indeed his real name - get hold of my email address?

I never give my email address out to anyone, but those spammers are a tricky lot and have their ways.

I also note that "Bruce" did not give a contact phone number, postal address or fax number. Too bad for him if he was expecting me to call him and have a friendly chat.

Now, I did a little snooping, and, as I am rather well connected, I made an interesting discovery.

A visit to this person's website revealed that this "Bruce" is married to a woman, whose name I can not reveal as it was given to me when I was in "Internet Web Surfer" mode not "Internet Industry News Writer" mode, who is - yes, you guessed it - an Amway sales representative. Yes folk, it looks like another MLM (Multi-level Marketing) scam to me!

Telecom are noony-headz

Like myself you probably have a phone and you probably use that phone to do things such as making phone calls to your friends, family, and business clients in America.

And like myself your phone bill is probably several thousand dollars a month.

But unlike myself you are probably not New Zealand's leading internet industry news specialist, as well as being an internet consultant, a highly opinionated web designer and the loving human companion of Mrs Fluffycat.

I am highly respected in the industry by people from around the world and I would like to think that Telecom would pay me the same level of respect by waiving my phone bill.

But no. It would appear that Telecom is still taking advantage of its monopoly and forcing everyone to pay their exorbitant prices - regardless of their knowledge and power.

So until Telecom are prepared to see to reason and waive my phone bill, I will have no other option but to start a weekly column entitled "Telecom are noony-headz".

I have a really big phone bill

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What the hell's going on here!


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Those of you who read these pages on a regular basis, which is a very good thing to do, might remember when I pointed out the similarities between and the vastly inferior

I wrote of how it appeared that the site had chosen a domain name and styled the web pages after the high quality in an attempt to confuse web surfers and get extra hits.

Well, I have to report that it has happened again.

The popular search engine AltaVista is located at, but some some unsavoury rapscallions have come up with

It appears to be a similar style of search engine to AltaVista, but sadly lacks the power and search facilities. For example, when I typed in a search for "the leading source of internet industry news", Yak was no where to be found.

Not only is this high unethical, bit it is also a blatent breach and violation of copyright and trademark laws and the privacy act.

Needless to say, I will be sending an email off to AltaVista's legal department to inform them of their "competition".

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