Why Advertise on Yak?
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Yak is the best web site in the entire universe. I believe Yak is better than any other web page by a factor of 2.63563 or more. Not only that, but Yak readers like to click on links because they, the people, know that advertising pays my bills.

This apparently had something to do with people who advertise on Yak being "happy" or "pleased".

Give me some money.

Yak is really cheap and you should buy an ad on it. If you're not happy, then I'm not happy and if I'm not happy then I spend all day watching talk shows and eating microwave lasagne and I don't do any Yak columns and then the readers aren't happy. But that never happens (much) because I have the winning formulation.

Lots of people read Yak. Many people who work in many companies in many countries who make many decisions are regular readers of Yak.

If you want to reach world leaders such as "The Queen" or "Bill Clinton" or "Other World Leaders" THIS is the place to do it!

Yak gets props from da homez. Yeah. Yak tells it like it is. Word up to da bruthaz and da sistaz. Yak Represent.

And you can rest assured knowing that if I think you suck, you can't advertise here.

But hey, I could be making this all up! Why not listen what some satisfied advertisers have to say:

Selwyn Reid of Selwyn's Home Page says:
 "Before I advertised with Yak, no one ever visited my web site. But after running one small ad my web page was flooded with hits. My page with pictures of my Queenstown holiday got over 12 hits in one week!"

Stephanie Perichi of Erotic Art Online says:
 "Since we have started advertising with Yak, our online erotic art web service has been viewed by people from around the world."

Keith Flinton, creater of Yak and the Golden Yak Awards says:
 "It is a REALLY GOOD IDEA to get advertising with Yak!!!!"

Unlike some web sites where your ad could be one of 82 on a single page, with Yak, you will be the only one.

A while ago when Yak was very popular, (as opposed to extremely popular, which is it now) there used to be lots of ads on each page. But people complained so I stopped that.

Now there's only one ad on each page. Happy?

But I'm charging more for it now, so that'll teach you to complain.

Only one ad on the main page, and two on the other pages, even though there's room for more.

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