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Occupational Discomfort

The occupational health nurse came around at work checking everyone's workstation (i.e. desk).

My desk was declared to be both bad, wicked and evil because of the following:

  • The desk was too high
  • The monitor was too high
  • The keyboard was too far away
  • The mouse was too far away

Nursie said, "you must get terrible neck and back ache at the end of the day!" I said I didn't, but I don't think she believed me. But really, if I was in physical pain at the end of every day, I would have done something about it long ago.

Then nursie lowered the monitor stand and desk height, and moved my keyboard and mouse closer. She asked me if I could feel a change. I said no, and that it felt odd.

A quick explanation of what Occupational Overuse Symdrome was and how stretching out your fingers, hands, arms, back and neck is a good thing to do. Nothing I didn't already know.

The nurse then moved onto the next desk and I found myself with a desk that was uncomfortable. So like a true geek I put the desk up to the height I liked, put the monitor back up, and moved the keyboard and mouse pad back to where I liked that.

And quelle surprise, no back pain, no neck pain. I left work at the end of the day feeling normal.