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I was driving to the supermarket after work. My cellphone rang. It was in a zipped compartment in my bag. I managed to get it out, but swerved around a bit. I answered the call:

"Hello, this is Lynne from Telecom."
"Hi, how are you this afternoon?"
"Are you trying to sell me something?"
"Er.. yes?"
"Ok, I'm going to hang up on you now. Goodbye."

About a week later I'd just got home and the phone rang.

"Hello, this is Rajiv and we are promoting a special promotion. May I speak to the person in this household who is aged between 16 and 60 years old of age?"
"I'm sorry. There is no one here who fits that description. Goodbye."

When I first moved to my old place I'd had the phone connected for two days and came home one day and found a message like:

"Hello Robyn, this is Julie from International Opportunies. I'd like you to give me a call on 0800 XXX XXX to discuss some exciting opportunities that will benefit us both"

The next day she called back:

"Hello Robyn, this is Julie from International Opportunites. I'm still waiting for your return call on 0800 XXX XXX to discuss some exciting opportunities that will benefit us both."


People complain about direct marketing phone calls. They don't like being phoned when they are having dinner. But it's not like you are under any sort of obligation to have a conversation with the caller or listen to anything they say. Hang up!

I don't care who is calling. I am not going to buy anything over the phone, and I am certainly not going to call a phone marketing person back so I can listen to them reading their pitch to me in bored monotone.

But the best solution is to spend all your time online so people can't get through. But then there's spam.