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Poor Travellers

Sydney airport has introduced a fee ($42 return, $21 one-way) for all passengers using the airport. The New Zealand Herald ran an article on it, with this quote:

Flight Centre marketing director Graeme Moore said the company was unhappy with the charge. "From our perspective, it's just another tax being levied on the poor travelling public."

It's good to see that this minority group - the travelling poor - are finally being considered.

Where as Mother Teresa looked after the poor of Calcutta, for years I often wondered who was looking after the international jetsetting poor. But now their saviour has arrived. Good on you, the Flight Centre!

Believe it or not, but there are actually some people who can't afford air travel! If they want to fly anywhere they have to scrimp and save.

Community budgeting advisers can help the poor save money. Through careful money management techniques, such as living off rice, two minute noodles and the occasional serving of mince, it's possible to make the low income of the poor person stretch far enough that a $415 return ticket to Sydney can eventually be purchased.

But too often the poor end up living under bridges, sending the kids to school hungry or putting their gran out on the street, all to help save enough money to buy an airplane ticket.

For too long the poor travellers of this world have been given the short shrift. It's about time that people realised that international jet travel is a basic human right of everyone. To be denied this right, as the the fascists at Sydney Airport seem intent on doing, is to be denied liberty, justice and freedom. Good on you, the Flight Centre! Tell it like it is!