Hello I have been writing a some romance stories and here is one that I have written but I will not be submitting it to Mills and Boon because it is only a short story any way here it is I hope you like it. Oh and it is not too steamy, just a bit saucy!!! (G)

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Selena was a receptionist at the hotel where there was a conference of doctors. There were lot's of doctors staying at the hotel for the conference. Selena had her eye on one of them. He was rather young and dashing and quite good looking and his name was Doug and he was an obstetrician.

One night after the ball at the conference Selena saw Doug with a young lady in a red cocktail dress and her her heart broke because she wished that it was her who was going with Doug to the doctor's ball.

Then after the ball she saw Doug wearing a tuxedo taking the lady up to his room and she felt really sad. Then the phone rang and she ansswered it. It was Doug and he wanted to order a bottle of champaign and a single red rose and a box of chocolates. Selena wished it was for her, but she ordered them and took them up to his room.

When she opened the door there was Doug and he said "thank you for bringing them you are so beautiful" and she went to walk away and he said "don't go" and it turned out that the lady in the red dress was his sister and she was a doctor too.

So he invited her in to his room and he had a dress for her to wear and they danced to some music and drank the champagne and then they made love and he asked her to marry him and she said yes and became his wife. They were married in the hotel ball room.

By Doreen E. McKay (I might make up a psuedonim what do you think?)