Hi!1 How's it goung!!!!

I just thought I'd fiull you in on thwat's been going on!!!

Well the best thing was at new year's when I went to the mount with kylie and got sooooo pissed!!! And even though she got with this guy called mike who I had been talking with, i still had a good time and it opened a widnow of spirituality for me and i feel that I am alot stronger for it.

Because before i uised to get bummed out that I was a solo mum and that guy's didn't like me, but now i have got in touch with the strong, courageous, godess inside me and i don't actually care what other people ie guy's think any more!!!

I went on a detox weekend wherre all i was supposed to eat was fresh fruit but we didn't have enough fruit and mum said she wasn't going to do the shopping until the next pay day, so i had to have wattie's canned fruit salad which i think might of been ok but i wasn't too sure abou8t the cherry in it because it didn't look right, and then i had some lime jelly which i think is ok because jkelly comes from plants like aloe verra or something. I fainted once, but I was ok,

After that i felt really refreshed and revived and my skin broke out really badly but that's just the bosy pruging itself of all the toxins so I bought some clearasil and that helped it go down. Then my friend Emma who is a Fully Qualified Herbal Remedy said that I should use tee-tree oil for pimples so I have learned a valuable lesson.

I have come to appreciate the land that i live on the and spiritual qualities of the eart (native americans) and i have been to see a pychici and got told that i am the direct carnation of an indian maiden called "Little Babbling Brook" which is really freaky because when I was in standard 4, i used to wish that I was called [email protected]!!!!

some people call it "new age" but it's not it's really OLD AGE!!!

I also drink lots of herbla tea and i also try to drink lot's of water a day, but sometimes I forget because i don't like having to go to the toilet all the time.

I have made a list of things that is the "old" me and the "new" me so you can see how I have changed!

The "old" me The "new" me
Low self-esteem and did not like myself alot. Proud, confident, brave, couragrous woman/wahine.
Thought that if a guy didn't ask me out it was the end of the world Know that I an individual and do not need a man like a fish with a bicycle.
Used to eat lot's of mcdonaldf's and KFC and pizza (yum!) Eat healthy food like lot's of fruit andwhole gran's
Used to get upset and angry at people and the world, etc Calm and centered (most of the time lol)
Loving mother of Mihrhaiah Loving mother of Mihrhaiah (p.s. it is not spelled "marae-a" like SOMEONE spells it!!!!)