Sharee Jane McKay

My name is Sharee

I'm 17 and I like Pearl Jame and Live and Read Hot Chilli Peppers and Nirvana ad I like to write poetrey.

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This is a Red Rose and it represents the LOVE i fel for my daugther Mirhaiah and her dad my ex-byofriend Jaysen (Jason) is it true love and eternal love. For EVER!!!

Here's a poem I write about Jaysen, the father of my child. One precious moment i had was when I was 8 months pregnant and I was still going out with Jaysen and we were at a party and we went outside and we were talking about names for the baby and we said that if it's a boy we were going to call it Kynarre, which means 'Warrior Son' and if it's a gril we're going to call it Barry-etta after Jason's father who is DEAD of LUNG CANCER because he SMOCKED TOO MUCH. SMOKING ISN'T KEWL. But then someone played "Stairway to Heaven" and Jaysen said "Zep are kewl. Robert Plant" so when the baby was born I decided to call it Mirhiah after Mariah Kerry and then Plant after Robert Plant in honour of Jaysen!!!!


Your raven flowing locks
Your metallica tshirt as it brushes against me
Your eyes of the darkest green
The noise your Kawasaki makes
Your little mustache
You're collection Of Led Zeppilin Tshrts
The noble seed from your loins that entered me and filled me with the gift of life
These are why I love you.

I was so happy that me and Jaysen had a baby. I could feel hsi love growing insde of me and I did not abort it because that's love groing inside of meand you can'tt destroy life.
I wrote a poem about being pregnant:

He entered my soul and I quivered
He planted his seed and I shivered
A Baby will be delievered
A new life to be lived!

It is really kewl being a mother of a baby. But even though I can't do things like going out to parties and stuff (too many dirty nappies!!!!) it is good. And my mother is really good cos she help's out.

This is a poem that I have written for MIHRAHIA!!

Mirhaiah you are the future
There is joy in your eyes
When ever I look at you
The love I feel I can not disguise

Oh Mirhaiah I feel such love for you
I am your loving mother
No matter where I go or what I do
You are the only one there will not be another

AND FINALLY: Jaysen Watson: you are the father of the most beautiful baby in the entire world and she is so beautiful and you are her father and I am her mother and can we be a family? Yes we can!!! Come back from Australia to me and OUR daughter and MARRY ME and it will be alright!!!

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