Howzit going????

Well I a, having a ood time being a mum to my beautiful faughter Mihrhaiah!!!!

I went to Auckland and stayed with my friend KYLIE and mum and dad looked after Mihrhaiah and we had a really goold time and we went out clubbing and went to a LOTS of bars and i think I am totoally addicated to Purple Joanna!!!!!

Well I am home now and I have reigstered with New Zealand Employment service so I am looking for a job!!!! Plus I am also going to do some courses at tech in natural healing and herbal remedies an d stuff like that.

And JAYSEN RANG ME UP!!!!!!!!!!! He is back in New Zealand and he asked how Mirhiaha was and I said that she really misses her dad!!!!! And he said HE MIGHT COME AND VISIT [email protected]!!!! That is so kewl!!!!

I would just like to say that I love JAYSEN soooooooooooooooooo much and I will do ANYTHING to make him come back and be with me and his daughter who both love him and miss him!!!!!!

I met this friend of Kylie's who is called Karl and he was quite nice, and he said that he really liked me, but I must remain loyal to Jaysen!!! My mum says that loyalty is the best reward that a wife can give her husband!!!!!!

Wekk that is about it!!!!! See ya!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and by the way i am not preganat again but i thought it was but i am not!!!!!!!!!!!! whops!!!!!!!!!!! :)::):):):)