My name is Mihraiah Plant McKay-Watson and I am five months old!!! <G>

I wa born on 7 June 1997 at 9.24 pmI had a bit of a bumpy journey into the rworls be cuase when my mum Sharee went into labiour her mum and dad weere at he movies and her brother was at a band gig (LOL) and her boyfriend was in Taurange so she hasd to ring up her friend Shaylene and get her to come over and driverh er to Waikato Hospotial but she got there in time and gave birth to me, a beautiful baby girl.

Mum is really proud of me and so is grandma and grandpa and uncle Dean and my Godparents Shaylene and Aaron. My dad hasn't seen my yet because he has moved to Aussie but I can hardly wait to meet him!!!!

I think he should be ask mum to marry him and i hope he does because i would like to be a flower girl at mum and dad's wedding!!!!

I like eating mashed banana and puking it up on mum's tshirt!!!! And even once I spewed on Uncle Dean's Mariylnh Manson tshit and whoops!!!! ROTFL!!!

Well anyway that is all from me. i have to go now and leave a surprise in my nappy for mum!!!!(G)