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Welcome to the Mckay's homepage!

Home of Bruce, Doreen, Dean, Sharee, new baby Mihriah and Butterkup the cat :) from Hamilton, New Zealand!!!New Zealand

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The McKay Family Every thing you ever wanted to know about the McKay family but were afraid to ask!!!!
Bruce Hi, I'm Bruce, I'm the man of the husse. Clik to see my page. Yay! :-)
Don't listen to that song that says that BRUCE is not "COOL"
Doreen If you are interested in counted cross stitch and quality romance novels then you might be interested in ckicing here. Read my newest Romance Story called "Hospital Romance!"
Dean This is my stuff
Sharee Hi. My dad says I'm a litte devil, but I thin k I'm not. HEre's my page so you can decide for yourse;f. 8>
Baby Mihriah Come and meet Mairhaiah the newest member of the McKay Clan!!!!!
Butterkup meow! (g)
Prime Devistation The OFFICIAL web page for Dean's rock and roll band called PRIME DEVASTATION!!! + a tribute to MICHAEL HUTCHENS
Kiwi Grrilz THis is Sharee's page about girls on the internet
A Tribute to Diana The McKay Family Tribute to Princess Diana
Family BEach Day 1997!!! Read about the fun time we all had at the Beach!!!!!
Family BEach Day 1998!!! and keith flinton'"s birthday The official imformation page about the family fun day 1998 and it is alsk kEEF FLINTON"S birthdya too!!!!
Family Interests Items of internest that the whole family shares (well worth checking out)
Linkz Links of interest to the whole McKay family but you would like them too!!! :)
Virtual Tour of Hamilton!!! Yes come along for a VIRTUAL TOUR of HAMILTON the city we live in and see the sites!!!! (Highly Recommeneded!!! :))
Sign our Guesbook Due to "popular" demand there is now a "guestbook" for you all to sign!!! PLEASE NO FOWL LANGUAGE AS THIS IS A FAMILY WWW PAGE!!!
Mail Us!!!! MAIL US!!!! Mail US!!!!