Hello *hugz*

Hi! Hows it going???

My name is Sharee McKay! Hi and this is my web page as part of the "KIWI INTERNET GRRRILS!"

It started at the beach picnic when Kylie said we should do this and I thought it sounded like a cool thing cos I like ALanis and Meredith Brooks too.

So I will tell you a bit about myself. I am 17 (well I will be soon) and I am a full time mother of my beautiful daughter Mirhaiah Plant McKay-Watson who is almost 5 months old. Mirhaiah's dad Jason has moved to Australia because he got a job there but I still think he should come back because I would marry him and Mihriah misses him and he should meet her.

Here is a poem I have written for JASON

The love we shared was so scared
As we lay together naked
And as the new day dawned
A beautiful baby was born
But you were not there
Do you care?
I think you do
Come across the water
And see your daughter
Don't waste your life
Make me you're wife!!!!

Also I am looking for a job I can do part time or something or something I can do with a baby or at home. Let me know if you have a job!!!!

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