Hey grrrlz! I'm Kylie Flinton and this page is about ME!!!

I am 16 years old and I work at IJUMP Internet Service Provider as the Receptionist and I do accounts too. It's a really kewl job cos I get to meet lot's of people but I am the only girl in the office so it get's a bit lOnElY at times...

I like going roller blading with my friends Emma, Tim and Amanda and James and I also play paint ball with the guys from work which is pretty kewl.

Also I am bisexual but I have never had a girlfriend. I used to go out with this guy Greg (or "Lemon" as everyone calls him on the internet) who works at IJUMP but we broke cos he wanted to do things I wasn't into but we are still friends. I have also gone out with Todd who works on the helpdesk but he was two-timing me so we broke up. He he is still cool.

Ok well that's about all!!!! See ya!!!

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