Hi, I'm Brce McKAy, I'm 42 years olf and I work as a truck Driver. I'm not realted to bruce Wayne or Bruce Frsythe, or Bruce the BArber Beefcak of "www wrestling fame", so don't ecen ask!!I live in the Hamilton, New Zealand suburb of Fairfield, and I like fly-fishing and

lion red (graaa a rde and make a stand) I also atend the Fairfield Valley baPtist Chruch,a dn here's some things I've done in my time there:
  1. I signed the hmoosexual refrm bill to keep the streets safe for or kids
  2. I attended every march for JESUS
  3. I play the gutat for the night servce I LOVE JESUS!
I love my familt dearly, my wife Doreen anf my kids Dean and Sharee and my beautiful granddaughrt Mirhaiah. I like my cat butterkup too.
Sometimes I use IRC (Wich stands for Intent Rooms for Chatting) and my ahndle is bruce42G. A group f nice guys habe reclaimed the wrd GAY from the bnad homosexl communitya nd I liketo hand out on #gaychat. Hello to Nik69.!!

HEre is some news from me Breuve to you thei internetizins . THE COMPANTY thAT i WOrk for as a truck driver ogr to be politcally correct "tranportration personelle' and work hgad a barbeque or BBQ to celelbrate 25 years of busiensns and we also had a kareoke night and i certianly did a have a good time.

i got ip and sang "The Gambiler" by Kenrry Rogers" and "Jail Houise Rockvy" by the one and Only Elvis Presley and me abnd my lovely wife dorren duetted on the Sunny and Sheer song "I got you babe" a good tiem was had by all.

And here is some very good nes! I am now grandpa brucie because my daughter sharee has had a baby called mirhahi and she is a real little cutie and I say "GOOD ON YOU SHAREE"

Plus I should apso menation the FAMILY FUN DAY AT THE BEACH that we all had. It was a good time at Ragland beach and if you want to know more you should click HERE (but *warming* I wrote this when I had sun stroke!!!!)

Anyway, here's my wife doreen. To look are here page click here!