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List Archive 1999

Date: 19 April 1999
Subject: New (evil) thing.

Ok. Y'all know how I sold my soul to Satan, etc. Well one of the perks of it was access to "PersonalWeb".

So like the masses, I got to throw various bits and pieces into a template and this is what came out:

I'd like to have something I can blame it on, but unfortunately I was sober.


Date: 21 April 1999
Subject: Rock rock rock

Hello dahlings

It's time for some rock:

Prime Devastation's debut EP, "Night of the Beast EP"

And as an added bonus, the lyrics to "F*c* C*n*o*s*i*" are up on:



Date: 10 May 1999
Subject: Konsumer Korner


Yay! New stuff!

But this is an angry rant type thing. I haven't done one of those in a while. But it had to be done. I'm feeling much better now.

, hugz


Date: 16 May 1999
Subject: Xiu Xiu the cat says, "Meow!"

Bon soir, mes amie!

The city of Hamilton inspires me in more ways than you could imagine.

If you have a face masque on and the phone rings, do not answer it! You will just end up talking really strangely and sounding kind of rude cos you can't talk and watching as flakes of dried green masque flake off and fall on the floor.

Keep on keepin' on.


Date: 19 May 1999
Subject: Endlessly searching


Some people want lots of hits. I got lots of hits, but most of them suck.
O! What a curse.

Please excuse the screen shots. My new kick-arse computer means that I can do shit like that. My old computer would have gone mental trying to process something that big.


Date: 27 May 1999
Subject: Savoury

Good evening

It's a restaurant review. I've never done one of those before. There's a first time for everything. Don't eat there. It's crap.

Right-o. I'm going to Burger King now if I can find one around here.


Date: 29 May 1999
Subject: X-travagansta!

I did a whole lot of stuff last night. Finishing off things I'd been working on. It's good.

The blink tag. It's easy to make it the butt of a lame joke, but is it the tag or the people who misuse it that suck?

Highlights of lame-arse IRC conversations from the last couple o' years.

A FAQ about my birthday (and they truly are frequently asked questions).
Read up on it.

The b-word. Burn your television.

Pray for surf.


Date: 16 June 1999
Subject: Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride


I'm sick. Cold/flu type thing. Anyone who replies to this going "Aww, I hope you're feeling better *hugz*" gets banned from this list.

Righto, the deal is that pseudoephedrine hydrochloride is an ingredient found in most common cold/flu products. I don't know if I'm imagining it, but it seems that whenever I take stuff with it in I feel kind of WaCKY, ZaNY and MaDCaP!!!

Hence this:



Date: 29 June 1999
Subject: Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)

Kia ora

I was going to call this a media commentary, but it's not really, so I won't. The girl has immpecable logic.


Auckland Uni has some interesting courses as part of its Continuing Education programme. My favourite is "Couple Resilience: Developing Strength Through Adversity". Rock on.


Date: 20 August 1999
Subject: Wiggle your toes

Talofa to all you sassanachs and highlanders and everyone in between.

I had my tonsils out. Yes, the Tuesday before last I was in hospital getting my big-arse tonsils surgically removed. Despite the occasional pain and a lot of discomfort I managed to have a resonable good time.

You can read about my exciting adventures here:

And remember, if you're having trouble with insertion, just wiggle your toes.


Date: 05 September 1999
Subject: A peace offering in these troubled times

I moved into a new flat. That is all I will say, because I know some of y'all are stalkers.

New stuff: When they tell you your desk is all wrong, don't you believe 'em.
I've smoothed out my links page. I'm still not happy with it, but I'm tired. I had approximately 10 minutes sleep this weekend.

I don't know what to do for New Years. I was going to go to Haast because there's nothing there, but it seems like such a pain in the arse to get there. Auckland? Hamiltron? Last train to Bitchville.


Date: 12 September 1999
Subject: 'Get out of my way,' he sang.

Hello to all you lovely maidens of the south seas.

Things not going your way? Blame the decade!

Plus coming soon (i.e. when it's over) is my special exclusive blah blah wank wank report on APEC. It's going to rule.

I had every bone in my body, including the ones in my inner ear used for balance, broken in a violent, bloody clash between protesters and police on Sunday. The next time if I want to see "The Runaway Bride" for the seventh time during a large politcal meeting, I will see it at New Lynn.


Date: 14 September 1999
Subject: Reverse paranoia

Kia ora

I'm hoping this means the last of the helicopters that keep waking me up at night.


Date: 19 September 1999
Subject: Rah rah rah

That's all.

Date: 11 October 1999
Subject: I'm not touching that


Hello. This is an e-mail to let you know that I there's a new web page up!


Please visit our sponsor: Ronny Xiang's Oriental Emporium.

Come along to Ronny Xiang's Oriental Emporium!
Special this week on broccoli!
50 cent each or 2 for $1!
Now that is what I call value!

And remember: Friday is Hawaiian Shirt day!


Date: 02 November 1999
Subject: O!

Rumour has it I'm redesigning my page and also that I have some sort of obession with Verdana, but don't believe a thing they say.

A li'l thang for y'all:


Date: 09 November 1999
Subject: Mysterious Appearance

Apparently the site has had a redesign, but I've yet to see evidence to support this.



Date: 22 November 1999
Subject: Important Announcement

Important Announcement

This is the official one month-warning of my birthday. Yes, on 22 December 1999 I shall be a quarter of a century old. 25.

Also, here is a thing. It's like an exclusive list-only special, because at the moment I don't know how to link to it.;=ALL

And remember: The America's Cup is a bunch of arse.


Date: 07 December 1999
Subject: nEW sTUFF

Kia orana

And I'm cool with it.