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The Goddess Empowers

I'd noticed this person called "subslut" kept messagine me on IRC, but usually when I was away. Then one night he finally caught me in front of my computer, and I had the most interesting conversation with him. Near the end I got a little bored, but for the most part it was lots of fun.

<subslut> hi
<Rosia> Hello.
<subslut> hello, how are You?
<Rosia> I'm fine, thanks.
* subslut smiles politely
* subslut bows before You
<subslut> i am glad to hear that.
<subslut> where are You from?
<subslut> hello?
<Rosia> Oh sorry. I was distracted.
<subslut> no problem
<subslut> :-)
<subslut> where are You from?
<subslut> what you doing tonight?
<Rosia> I'm watching the MTV Movie awards and IRCing
<subslut> cool, what are the movie awards like?
<Rosia> Lots of jokes, yelling.
* subslut nods...typical american stuff
<Rosia> So, I keep coming home and finding /msgs from you to me. Are you stalking me?
<subslut> no, not stalking, just wanting to get to know you....i am sorry, if it annoys you...i will stop, if you don't want me to send any more
<Rosia> I didn't say it annoyed me. I'm just interested.
<Rosia> Do you know anything about me?
<subslut> No, but i would like to know somethings about you
<subslut> Would You like to know anything about me?
<Rosia> Why did you pick me?
<subslut> Well, because i thought You might be interested in me
<Rosia> What does subslut mean? Is it like a person who is so promiscuous s/he is lower than a slut?
<subslut> Well, i am a submissive male, who is not promiscuos, but seeks to be dominated by a Woman who will treat him as Her dogboy/slave/submissive/slut
<subslut> i am not promiscuos, i seek one Woman
<Rosia> Well I think all men are patriachal oppressors of women/wahine who seek to oppress women/wahine with their penises/phallii of oppression, so I can't agree with that.
<subslut> i seek the be Dominated by a Woman, to serve Her
<Rosia> You are just like all men. You want to dominate women to make them dominate you.
<subslut> no...that is not the case.
<Rosia> Yes it is. You're just a patriachal oppressor who wants women to pleasure you by momentarily acting in a dominating way.
<subslut> Not momentarily..i do not seek sex...i seek to please a Woman in "any" way She sees fit to use me
<Rosia> Do you not have any balls? Were you raised a wussy girlyman?
<subslut> Yes, i have balls and no i wasn't raised as a wussy girlyman, but the is how i am and what i seek.
<Rosia> So, like, it's just how you are. You're diverse.
<subslut> Not diverse, submissive. Who deep at heart is a wussy girlyman.
<subslut> my name is simon.
<subslut> It is a pleasure to meet You.
<Rosia> Groovy
<subslut> i would like to know a little about You, Rosia?
<Rosia> No, you wouldn't.
<subslut> Yes, really i would.
<Rosia> Ok, that's nice.
* subslut smiles warmly
<subslut> So, what would You like to tell me about You?
<Rosia> Not a lot, really.
<subslut> Well, maybe age a where You come from is a good start.
<Rosia> What about this:
<subslut> what is this?
<Rosia> A web page. It may interest you.
<subslut> Excuse me, but You are thinking that this is just something i am not really interested in. i have been looking and seeking a Mistress for more that four years now and have tried to locate one in r/l and online without success. i am not an oppressive male, i am a genuine male interested in exploring my submissive side and to be trained as a submissive. In my opinion, it is people like You who have stepped in the way of me finding someone who could be
<subslut> i do not come online to be is very easy, say You are not interested, don't try and unravel me You try hard Freudian! You have no right.
<subslut> Because, You have no idea who i am and no idea how serious and dedicated i am to this.
<Rosia> What are you reading into this?
<subslut> i am saying that You are implying that this type of person is me, which it isn't.
<Rosia> You are getting that implication all on your own.
<Rosia> I am hurt and offended that you think that I think that you are that sort of person.
<Rosia> For a start, your spelling is better.
<subslut> LOL, thank You for saying so.
* subslut grins
<subslut> i think You are trying to say that there are many people online like the guy who gave that example on that website You sent to me.
<subslut> Am i correct?
<Rosia> Yes, there are a lot of dodgy cunts out there.
* subslut nods...yes there are
<subslut> i apologize if i appeared to be like those type of people.
<Rosia> It's ok, just as long as you realise what you're up against.
<subslut> Yes, i do.
<Rosia> Righto, then.
* subslut smiles warmly and politely.
<subslut> i m still curious to learn a little bit more about You.
<Rosia> Yes, I would imagine you are.
<subslut> i have seen You online and around for awhile and have always wanted to get to know You a little better.
* subslut smiles
<Rosia> But what am I. "Rosia"
<subslut> It is a real pleasure to meet You, Rosia.
<Rosia> Why do you capitalise you?
<subslut> Well, it is an online form of giving You respect as a Woman.
<subslut> ie...
<subslut> i always type i or me in lower caps
<subslut> You Yours Woman Women Her Hers etc..
<Rosia> Well, as a woman who respects the English language, I would appreciate it if you'd capitalise "I" and use lower case for "you" et al, unless, of course it's at the beginning of a sentence.
<subslut> Okay, I will.
<Rosia> Very good.
<subslut> I write a lot of poetry and short stories, so I can appreciate and understand your love for the English language.
<Rosia> Oh my God! I write poetry too! My friend put them up on her web page!!! Will you read them and tell me if you like them!!!
<subslut> I will.
<subslut> Are they all yours?
<Rosia> Yes! I write them when I feel that the Goddess empowers me.
<subslut> Interesting. Thay are beautiful. I especially like the one title "WaterWorks".
<subslut> Who is the Goddess?
<Rosia> The Goddess is the Earth Mother. She who brings strength and fertility.
<subslut> Okay.
<subslut> I write many poems about the problems facing our world around us.
<Rosia> Yes, because at the rate we are going, there will be no world left for our children, or our children's children!
<subslut> I completely agree with you!
<Rosia> Wow!
<subslut> We have to be watch out for everyone around us.
<Rosia> We can be the Earth Guardians.
<subslut> Yes. To guard and protect Her.
<Rosia> I can really feel the love of the Earth Mother within me tonight!
<subslut> I feel it too, especially after such a nice cleansing rain!
<Rosia> The pure rain falls to earth and washes away the uncleanliness of the streets.
<subslut> Yes it does.
<subslut> You are such a nice person.
<Rosia> The Goddess empowers me.
<subslut> How does she empower you?
* Rosia bends you over and says "Get ready for the strap-on vibratron2000, big boy!"
<Rosia> Oh shit wrong window
<Rosia> Just ignore that
<subslut> I will.
<Rosia> Ha ha ha
* subslut smiles
* subslut laughs softly
<Rosia> I'm married.
<subslut> I have a girlfriend.
<subslut> Will this present a problem for us?
<Rosia> My husband has a huge member and can satisfy me with it.
* subslut nods
<subslut> I understand.
<subslut> What brings you online?
<Rosia> I have to go now, my husband require me to fellate him.
<Rosia> Goodnight.
<subslut> Goodnight.