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I was looking at my web page stats and noticed a really weird thing. The page named "Exhibitionism" was getting the most hits. More hits than the main index, and more hits than the page it links from:

So it was pretty much safe to assume that no one was getting to this page from any other page on my site. All the hits were coming from another web site.

My referrer log showed nothing linked directly to that page. However, my number one referrer is Alta Vista. A ha!

So I went off to Alta Vista and did a search for "exhibitionism" and guess where that page ranked? Tenth. Yes. On the very first page of results.

Some people with web sites pay other people loads of money to get their pages coming up in the first page of results for desirable searches. I did it without even trying.

But it sucks. I'd rather have 50 hits a day from people who like the page and get something out of it, rather than 500 hits from people who would rather be somewhere else.

What's strange is how it's suddenly leaped in popularity. This is the number of hits that page has had over the last six months:

December 97 March 118
January 59 April 110
February 89 May 676

All going along nicely, then suddenly, bam!

So what are those surfers out there looking for? That ever-royal content? Or pictures of eXXXtra special girls who like to be watched? Here is a sampling of some of my, er, favourties - and I absolutely swear they are all genuine:

naked karen
exhibitionism topbit
exhibitionism nude free expression
Wild AND Rose AND Exhibitionism
where can I find stories about exhibitionism?
fisting exhibitionism public sex beastiality swinging
exhibitionism, naked in public, flashing, driving naked
amateur shagging just for fun and not for profit but for sheer sexual enjoyment and exhibitionism

I was going to figure out how robots.txt works and add a thing that made sure that search engines exhibit.html, but I didn't need to because suddenly the hits slowed down back to the normal rate.

I did another search on AltaVista and the page was ranked 199th, with most of the 198 sites before it being porn sites.

It's quality, not quantity that counts.

Post Script: I've since taken the Exhibitionism page down as it was superfluous bollocks.