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I like to think of myself as fairly rad, hip, with-it and down with the stylez. And when I say hip, I mean actual hip. Not Pete Sinclair faux-hip. Got it? Choice.

So imagine my shock, horror and disbelief when I read this on Waste of Bandwidth

Ok, so everyone is linking to Robyn these days - so much so it's almost becoming a passé kind of thing to do.

Linking to my site is almost passé? Zounds! I refused to believe it. I investigated.

I went through my logs and found the sites that had been linking to me in the last six months. There are the ones that were not 404-ing when I checked:

Media Wank
Media Wank 2
Media Wank 3
Mouse @
Olivia's 404 Page

Well, hey, that's not a lot.

But I blame them - all of the above (especially Media Wank) for linking to me and making me more and more almost passé by the click.

My referrer log also showed that most people get to my site through search engines (those x-rated meta-tags must be doing the trick). I intend to write to AltaVista to let them know that they are on the verge of becoming passé.

But the biggest shock, the one that really made me sit up and take notice was yet to come. You see, there is one more web site that I'm getting hits from. Far more than any of the above listed. That site is my guestbook.

This means that I, myself, am almost becoming passé.