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There are two search engines, Google and Raging that, once a list of pages has been produced, allowed you to view pages that it determines are "similar" or "like" your chosen page.

So one fine day I went through to see what pages these two search sites could come up with as being like mine. I present the results of this investigation, along with annotations.


The top ten pages that Google says are "similar" to

1. Robyn's Secret Passage
Quite a shocker here. I mean, I knew that Robyn's Secret Passage had a few things in common with Robyn's Secret Passage, but I never dreamed it would make the top of the list!

It's, the [email protected] dudes who kindly host my site. is similar to my web site in that both have web pages written in HTML that can be accessed in a browser such as Netscape.

3. The Cot Factory
As I sit back in my leather easy chair in front of a roaring fire I often think to myself "Yes, Robyn's Secret Passage is very similar to an online cot manufacturer."

4. Journeys
"Whale-watching magic" is one of the many festures of the site of Lisa, a writer of fantasy stories from America. The similarities between this site and mine are obvious.

5. Colin's Writing Page
From one of Colin's adult stories: "Yet her breasts, so neatly packaged in her fitting black halter, had an adult assertion." Well, I think that says what needs to be said.

6. A Waste of Bandwidth
Har har, me hearties! Now we're talking. A site that is also on my bookmarks list. There are similarities, for example both my site and WOB don't suck.

7. Olivia
Here's another site and strangely enough does actually kind-of-sort-of fit into the same genre as my site. Maybe.

It's Mike's profile on the Open Directory Project! For a moment there I thought I'd accidentally gone to my own site because they are just so similar!

9. Gaze: Hear Gay voices telling their own stories - live!
No surprises here. Somewhere on this site you'll find me describing the gloryhole incident in the Steele Park toilets that made me realise that I was indeed a gay man.

10. Nuclear Blast Mapper
People often say that I am da bomb, but this is taking things a little too far! This site is pretty cool. It lets you see how much damage a nuclear bomb would do in various cities around the world. Not unlike Robyn's Secret Passage, apparently.


The top ten pages that Raging says are "like"

1. Robyn's Secret Passage
Another surprise win for Robyn's Secret Passage being the most like Robyn's Secret Passage. I'm glad I'm not a gambler or I'd be stuffed!

2. beatthief
It's an online zine and it's been around for a fair few years and it's pretty good. Ok, Raging, I'll give you this one. But I'm still on the look out!

This is Anna's site. She has a link to my site, as well as a link to that Cot Factory. Well, that explains a few things, Vicar!

4. Peach
Annette doesn't link to my site (although she did once), but I know of a few sites that link to both her and my sites. Perhaps Peach could be used to clense the palate after viewing my site.

Regarding Linux: I can grep, but that's about it. But obviously all those Linux users dig my site just as much as they dig all that Leeeenooooksing.

6. Isotope
Matt's domain, which has gone through numerous different incarnations. Raging seems to think that if you enjoy looking at a coming soon screen, you'll also like Robyn's Secret Passage.

7. Ihug
Ihug! Oh, sweet Ihug! It does make sense that if you enjoy looking at the web site of one of Australasia's biggest ISPs, then you will also like my web site.

8. Dilbertzone
No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Something is very wrong here. Dilbert can piss off back to the land of the repressed office worker. Such bollix has nothing to do in any way with my web site.

9. XP-12
Tres Future City 2000 and all. I would describe it as bladerunneresque, but as I've never seen "Blade Runner", I can't be sure. The similarity with my site is obviously due to the pages where the text is all Xs.

10. It's all gone mmkay?
An error message! Hell yes! Bring on the tequila slammers, because I think we have a winner here. Robyn's Secret Passage also has error messages!