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Alleged Friend

How this...

Robyn Gallagher is one of my newest friends. Although she is my fellow New Zealander, we only met over cyberspace! Imagine that! Robyn's site includes a very topical page about some of the myths that many of us hold concerning copyright law.

...came to happen.

I have the BadWickedEvil Page as a means to get rid of all urges I might have to do crappy web pages. Most of the stuff on the BWE page is based on stuff that I've seen on other people's pages. It's mostly just small things, like "I don't know how to do multiple pages" but I've never come across a whole web site that is like the BWE page - until now.

I was randomly reading some Usenet posts and I saw one with a URL at the bottom of it. I decided to check out the URL. It was a personal web page and most of the images weren't working so I sent am email saying the images weren't working and how to fix them.

What I didn't know is that is the sign of a true friend. Soon after the guy wrote and told me he was putting a link to me on his friends page, and that's where the little description above came from. I'm his "fellow New Zealander". We met "over cyberspace". Help me.

The copyright page mentioned is on my links page. I would think that it would be obvious that it was a link to a page that someone else had done. but he seems to think that I wrote it. What about the link to the Internet Movie Database?

He emailed me with:

I've put a link to your webpage on mine (on the index chart on the master page, click the box MY FRIENDS, and it'll take you to the page where it is). I was particularly interested in what you wrote about COPYRIGHT - most of what you said, I never knew! By the way, are you a lawyer?

I have a link to a page on copyright and that makes me a lawyer? If I had a link to a porno site what would that make me?

I guess what bothers me is the use of the word "friend". I'm sorry, but I'm not his friend. Even though I'm writing this thing about him, I can't even remember his name. All I did was point out a fault in his web page, and now I'm his friend. No, I'm not. I've never met him, I don't feel any need to. The internet is way too big to consider everyone who sends a piece of email to be a friend.

I don't have a link to his page here, instead I have it at the BadWickedEvil page, where it is in better company.