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Mindless Drivel

Since I first put my web page up in June of 1996, I received, from time to time, emails about my web page. They are mostly things like "I just thought I'd tell you I saw your web page and I like it" type thing. I'd never received anything negative.

That was until recently. Imagine my sheer delight to discover the drought had been broken when I received this message:

Date sent: Fri, 03 Jan 1997 19:38:05 +1300
From: (name and address deleted)
Send reply to: (address deleted)
To: [email protected]
Subject: homepage

mindless drivel.

I am assuming that the author of this message meant that he (I am assuming that the person is a male) thinks my pages are "mindless drivel". I replied to his message asking for specific examples of "mindless drivel", but he has not yet responded.

First of all, I really take exception to the term "mindless" being used. To me that suggests that I just sat down at my computer and banged out some words without giving much thought to what I'd written, stuck it up on my web page and went away to the local roller disco.

It's not like that at all. I put a lot of thought into what I write. I have plenty of crap I could post, but I know not to. I also put effort into making my pages look reasonably good. It's not a mindless task at all.

As for the "drivel" part - that offends me. Is it "drivel" to talk about how I get hassled by guys on IRC wanted "sex" just because I have a female sounding nick? Is it "drivel" to list places where I have had stuff published? Is it "drivel" to talk about my love for Bryan Adam's "Reckless" album (well, maybe...) Is it "drivel" to have a picture I took of an umbrella? NO! It damn well is not.

My pages are not "mindless" or "drivel" or "mindless drivel". I object to them being called that because they are not.

I did a bit of research on the sender of the message and stumbled across this usenet post he wrote about my former (and his present) city of residence, Hamilton.

(In response to an English person thinking of moving to New Zealand and asking for a good place to live)

Dont bother mate.
Unless you can stand the screaching that is misinterpreted as music, following you everywhere in public (shops, loos, libraries even), just stay back and freeze. At least there is still some decorum in England. None here.
Or are there places different to Hamilton in this respect?

Is that "mindless drivel"? I've never heard any screeching following me around the streets of Hamilton. It's probably either tinnitis or the mother ship communicating to him.