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What is the most hated, most ridiculed HTML tag? The tag that is only used when demonstrating how not to make a kewl web page. The tag that has been decribed as "a blatant scar on the purity of a structural language."

Yes, it's the <blink> tag.

It's an easy target to make fun of, like viagra is. The source of many lame jokes. But I don't think anyone's really given much though to what can be done with <blink>

Everyone's seen the bad web pages with way too much text blinking. "Ban the blink tag," people say. But equally bad web pages can be designed without using the blink tag. Should HTML itself be banned?

The blink tag can be used for good effect. Take this page for example. The blink tag is used to draw your attention to something that needs attention to be paid to it.

Making a whole block of text blink makes it unreadable, but this should be obvious. Just as bold, italics and underlining large amounts of text make it more difficult to read, so does blink. These three styles should be used sparingly for emphasis and the same applies with blink.

However back in 1996 when the blink tag was first introduced people got overexcited and did stupid things with it which tarnished the blink tag almost beyond redemption.

The blink tag can be abused, but then so can the font tag. It's not the tag, it's the person designing the web page that does bad stuff.

The blink tag is the epitomy of evil. It is a tag that has the potential to be used to good effect with a bit of creative thought.

Don't join the masses in dissing the blink tag, when you really mean bad use of the blink tag.