Dr Kraw Says....

The Liberal Media would have you believe that the vile act of


is 'normal' and 'natural' but -

be warned!!

This is not so.

Dr Johannes Kraw, Internationally Respected Psychologist, warns of ILL EFFECTS:

These include:

Nausea, Diarrhoea, Heavy Coughing, Nosebleeds, Stunted Growth, Loss of Intelligence, and Blindness.
Yes! That is correct! Blindness!

Steve is 19 and a regular Self-Polluter.
This is what he sees every day.

And so could YOU!

This could happen to you too!

Dr Kraw says:

"Watch where you put YOUR hands!"

Self pollution is SELFISH and will only give you 'pleasure' for a SHORT time.
But the long-term effects are permanent and devastating!

Think of your mother's face if she knew what you were doing!

Dr Kraw

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