Dr Kraw Says...

Are you an AGENT of EVIL?

You could very well be if you listen to EVIL "Rock And Roll"

"Rock And Roll" is an enticing and exciting form of "Music"

It contains secret EVIL messages!

Dr Johannes Kraw, world famous psychologist is an expert in this field.
The following are symptoms of "Rock And Roll" addiction:

Glazed-over look, short attention span, a lack of coherency and "jive talkin'"

Prime Offenders in leading kids to Evil are:

"Mariah Carey", "Elvis Presley", "Bill Haley" "The Bee Gee's" "Nik Kershaw", "Boys II Men" and "The Spice Girls"

Do not be fooled by their "groovy rhythms"!

These "people" are EVIL and MUST NOT be trusted!

Greig, 21, testifies of the mind-altering effects of "Rock And Roll":

'I listened to only a few bars of 'Smoke On The Water' and almost
instantaneously I felt evil enter my soul. Guard your children, yourselves,
your parents against this dark light."

Dr Kraw says:
Listen only to music of purity and goodness!

What would your mother do if she knew you were giving your soul over to Beelzebub?

Dr Kraw

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