Dr Kraw Says....

Your body is a temple.


You may be tempted to desecrate your house of purity by succumbing to the pleasures of the flesh
Do NOT succumb to the pleasures of the flesh!

The pleasures are the reward for thoseA happily married couple. THIS COULD BE YOU in a state of holy matrimony

Here are the words ofSteve, 19, a confessed fornicator:

"A harlot used me to gain long term pleasure from my soul in exchange for the misuse of my seeds of life.

And words from another,Paul, 19.

"It thought it would feel very nice but when I tried to do the demon act the power that sustains my life-force soon diminished. Soon I was unworthy of love and I felt impure and immoral"

It might look pleasing to the eye, but behind the flesh lies a field of sin!

Be warned!

Dr Johannes R. Kraw, Internationally Respected Psychologist, has been studying the effects of immoral fornication on the minds and bodies of young people at risk.

People who are regular moral looseners report suffering the following symptoms:

Headaches, heavy coughing, cramps, rectal inflammation, Liberal Thought, itching in the extremities, blood-shot eyes and "jive talking".

Dr Kraw says "A 'comdom' (rubber prophylactic), is no protection of your morals!"

What would your mother do if she knew you were forsaking your innocence

Dr Kraw

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