An Exclusive Interview with Dr Johannes Kraw, world renowned psychologist.

Dr Kraw, you have received some "bad press" from the liberal media. Do you habour any bitterness towards them?

No, not at all, but I think the "Press" has a lot of growing up to do.

Dr Kraw, would you be kind enough to share a story of young people who have benefitted from your help.

No, not at all. One young chap, who we will call Lance, was a regular partaker of drinking the poison liquid he called "ganja" or "crack". But I was able to help him recover from his path of evilness and sin. He now is married with four children and is a successful goat farmer on the highlands of the Transvaal.

Dr Kraw, you know so much about the problems of young people. Would you care to share how you come to accquire this knowledge?

No, not at all. I too am a member of the "disco generation" and I enjoy pulling on my "disco boots" and going along to the local "roller-disco" and enjoying a non-alcoholic bevergage with my cobbers. But while I am there I often meet some of my less fortunate cobbers who need guidance and caring of someone who has the knowledge to overcome societies problems.

Dr Kraw, have yourself ever partaken of self-pollution?

No, not at all. When I was a "teenager" my mother handcuffed my hands to my bedpost to prevent self-pollution. It did a world of good for me, and I am grateful. I believe today's popular "liberal parenting techniques" are ineffective and are to blame for the troubles we as a society face.

Dr Kraw, are you a listener of "rock and roll" music?

No, not at all. This modern music, if indeed you can call it "music" has no place in the life of a pure man such as myself. I instead listen to music such as the Osmonds, Elton John, The Exponants, Glen Miller and the Bangles.

Dr Kraw, do you have any advice for young people who might be reading this and are in need of help?

No, not at all. It is important for young people to recognise the dangers that face them and to look out for warning signs. Come to the Dr Kraw Internet Web Site and find out information and advice!

Dr Kraw, thank you for your time.

No, not at all. The pleasure was mine.

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