Dr Kraw Says....

Do you want to SUFFER physical and mental IMMORALITY??

Then look lovingly at that "MEMBER"Two young people who have falled victim to the DARK SIDE of the SAME "SEX"

Homosexuals or "fagets" or "breeders" can not be trusted!

Dr Johannes Kraw, renowned psychologist is an expert in this field.

Symptoms of homosexual activities include: Loose morals, self pollution, communist leanings, incessant drooling and a sore bottom!

Lock up your DAUGHTERS!
Lock up your SONS!

(But not together, or with members of the same sex)

Only natural A good blessed couple in a happy HETEROSEXUAL marriagemeans of procreation must prevail!

If you feel tempted, then you MUST get help! Ask your non-liberal FAMILY DOCTOR about help!

Martin, 17, attests to the life-changing powers of electro-shock therapy:

"I was immoral and dirty, but now I am pure. Guard yourselves and your children! Seek help if you are in dire moral circumstance!"

Dr Kraw says:

"Save our children! Love only those who have different genetalia to your own!"

"What would your mother do if she knew you were infected with evil!"

Dr Kraw

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