Dr Kraw Says...

You may think it's "kewl" to "toke" on a "joint"



"Marijuana" is a killer drug!

Avoid it at all costs!
Bogart that joint, my friend!
Some of its effects include:

Infrertility, Memory Loss and Loose Morals

Doctor Johannes Kraw, World Renowned Psychologist would like you to hear these actual testimonies from actual DRUG ADDICTS:

"I tried to conceal my drug habit, but it was too big.Soon, it
couldn't be hidden anywhere and it got me into big trouble. "

-Gareth, 19

"I felt really good for a while before mari-huana took control of my
mind and soon I was ready to commit mass murder."

-Craig, 23

Get a natural high off LIFE!

Dr Kraw Says:

Don't Inhale! Do as Mr. Clinton Does!

What would your mother do if she could see you inhaling now?

Dr Kraw

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