Dr Kraw Says....

Do you partake of the UNHOLY water?

Alcohol, or "booze" or "piss" or "ganja" is an evil beverage not for human consumption.

You might know people who drink alcoholic bevergages:

They are disciples of EVIL

Symptons of alcohol use include: loudness, drousiness, loose moral integrity, susceptibility to self-pollution, vomitting and diarhea.

Dr Johannes Kraw, Internationally Respected Psychologist and expert in the field of "alcohol" use would like you to know some of the chemicals involved in the manufacture of this liquid poison.

They include: "raw" sewerage, rotten vegetables, sulphuric acid, metabisulphite, provitamin B5, "baboon" members, gonadular organs

Dr Kraw would like you to read this testimony from Gary, aged 22.

"I used to partake of this deadly liquid until I realised that what I was drinking was nothing but raw sewerage. I was partaking in the second worst form of self-pollution. I have thrown out my bottles of evilness and now enjoy a glass of warm milk everytime I feel tempted.* "

Avoid the evil "cock" tail drink. Do not partake of that draught lager ale.

Dr Kraw says

"Do not drink the evil beverage of death!"

What would your mother do if she knew you were a regular indulger of such a vile liquid?

* There has been an unauthorised version of Dr Kraw's words of wisdom that includes "I now enjoy a glass of warm milk squeezed fresh from my momma's titties everytime I feel tempted." This is NOT what Dr Kraw says! Breast milk is for BABIES, not young people.

Dr Kraw

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