Dr Kraw Says...

Disillusioned by the current political system?


You don't really want communism!

Communists indulge in anti-social activities like:

Here is a testimony from Vlad a 17-year-old communist:

"Every morning we get up around 10.30 and after a session or two of self-pollution we torture children until about lunch time. For our daily meal we eat cold gruel outside with the pigs. Then we sing "Rock And Roll" communist mantras until our 5.30 self-pollution session after which we "toke" on a joint with comrade Nik. Then we drink a bottle of vodka each and with the spirit of evil safely inside our souls we rape and pillage until dawn. Communism sure is the life!"


-says Dr Johannes Kraw, world recognised psychologist.
It is the life of the impure.

Communist countries have more reported cases of syphilis, influenza, diarrhea, constipation, and rabies and unwanted immorality and indulgence in "Rock And Roll".

Dr Kraw says, "Support the capitalist truth and way of life for healthier mind, body and country."

What would your mother say if she knew you were a slave to the rouble?

Dr Kraw

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