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Pubic Service Announcement

When I was twelve years old I got a stamp kit. I make up a stamp that said "HAMILTON PUBIC LIBRARY" and stamped it inside a library book next to the real "HAMILTON PUBLIC LIBRARY". Jesus, I was funny.

It's interesting how just taking one letter away from "public" makes it into a completely different word. I stumbled across a site description on Yahoo that had used the word "pubic" instead of "public". This got me thinking, so I searched for other sites that had the word public instead of public. I was shocked at how many there were.

A lot of the sites were educational institutions and government departments. The phrase "disgruntled employee" springs to mind...

The sites I've found have got the word "pubic" in the pages title (shown in the browser's title bar) where "public" should be. Most of the time the rest of the page doesn't mention "pubic" again. For the web page designer, it's probably quite easy to overlook, but it would also be quite a choice joke to play.

This site's been up for a few years now, and I've noticed two things usually happen to the sites I have up. They either get corrected, or stay pubic forever. And I am pleased to note that new pubic sites are appearing all the time.

So, here for your web viewing pleasure, is a list of pubic sites.

Colorado Bar Association - In the Pubic Interest
The Colorado Bar Association and its pubic interest.

A Pubic Announcement
The announcement consists of bible quotes.

Pubic Relations Firms
For assistance with publicising your pubes.

The Pubic Sector Web Professional - Discussion Area
Even web professionals need a a place to discuss their pubic sector concerns.

Drivers Search Page - UO, Office of Pubic Safety
The Office of Pubic Safety provides assitance for those who need it.

Kiplinger's Retirement Report - Shaping Pubic Policy for a Grayer America - December 1998
It is not known whether the "grayer America" refers to pube colour.

Adobe PDF Document - Pubic Comments, Market Impact Committee Table of Contents
From the makers of Photoshop comes a pubic PDF.

North Carolina Air National Guard - Pubic Web Site - 145 LS
A pubic web site for those who didn't like the regular one.

Public Art Service Study Recommendations
Emphasising the importance of studying pubic art.

Pepsi may take some of bottling business pubic - July 24, 1998
CNN FN reports on Pepsi's newest business strategy.

Cape Girardeau Pubic Library Youth Services
Providing useful pubic services for the youth of Cape Girardeau.

Waste Reduction Education Specialist (Pubic Information Specialist) Solid Waste Management
The all important job of managing those stray pubes that get flushed.

Ypsilanti Pubic Schools Band Newsletter
To help those pubic school band members keep in touch with what's going on.

Pubic Opinion of Risks Biased
If there are going to be risks, you can bet those pubes will have an opinion on them.

Berita: MY: OLYMPICS: Malaysians told to avoid pubic places
It's that Olympic training. You don't want to exhaust the athletes.

The BLM and Your Pubic Lands
The Bureau of Land Management wants you to rediscover your pubic lands.

No Time Pubic Forum
The main graphic says "publik forum", but the title is "pubic". That's subversion.

Pubic Utilities Commission Agendas Listserv
Hey, a mailing list for pubic ultilities.