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Disco Bitch

All dressed up with a place to go.

[email protected] FAQ
Not fit for human consumption.

Ten Cool Breeders Songs That Aren't "Cannonball"
One of my favourite bands, y'know.

Bad Albums
A bunch of albums I really ought to get rid of.

Becks Incredible Film Fest 2002
More movie madness.

My Record Collection
Take the needle off the record.

The Britney movie, y'all.

How To Please Your Man
The one simple thing you can do to be dynamite in bed.

It's Showtime
The Final Days of the Fairfield Valley Community Players.

Spooky Coincidences
Were the terrorist attacks on America forseen by ancient seers?

Being Hilarious
How to be really hilarious.

Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets.

MC OJ and the Rhythm Slave
Celebrating ten years since the release of "What Can We Say?"

Hypno Show
I saw a hilarious hypnotist and felt really cool.

Incredible Film Fest 2001
For two weeks I put my regular life on hold and saw a lot of films.

Johnny Marr
I was less than three metres away from him.

Backstreet Boys
Yeah, they're real cute.

Hamilton Rock
Not to be confused with "Hamilton rocks," which it doesn't.

Smurf 90210
Beverly Hills 90210 vs Smurfette

Other Animals
What's on the table tonight.

Horse Island
Horse Island! Yay! Horses!

No Magazine
The first edition of No Magazine.

Zen Lesson
Come, enter the Garden of Enlightenment.

Donut Boy
He's everyone's happy little donut boy.

Robin baked cupcakes.

The condition of her pre-amp.

Behind the Hotwater Cupboard
A three page story.

My Parent's Record Collection
Tune in, turn on, and put the needle on the record.

Pubic Service Announcement
All these pages not about pubes.

Try a little Bry and kiss your lonely nights goodbye.

I finally bought one after 15 years of wanting to.

Miscellaneous leftovers

The Prince and Princess of Wales thank me.

My Day in Tuscany
An attempt to capture some of the lucrative "Espresso Guitar" market.

The Rules of Engagement
A millennium girl's guide to love in the nineties.