My lovely wife Karen and I were married by our guru Swami Bhupa. It was a group wedding, along with three other couples that were staying at The Center of Enlightenment and the Tranquil Orchid.

As shown in the picture, the wedding party consisted of (clockwise from bottom left), Denise, Sharon, Paul, Raoul, Betsy, Tom, Karen, Bob and Suzanna. Paul married Sharon, Raoul married Denise, Tom married Betsy, whilst Karen and Suzanna had a bikini jelly wrestling match to see who would marry Bob, and, as you may have guessed, Karen won, and Bob married Karen.

After the wedding a sumptuous vegetarian feast awaited the guests. We enjoyed a hearty wedding banquet enhanced by some of the Swami's special LSD muffins.

Later in the evening Tom discovered that there was still a large quantity of jelly left over, so we emptied the Pond of Reflection and Inner Peace and filled it with the jelly. Remembering what the Swami had taught us about the powers of inner muscle control, we set about removing our wedding attaire and getting all jellied up.

The next day I awoke in a sensual position with a tequila bottle. Karen was weaving a basket and singing Kumbayah. Raoul discovered that Denise was actually Dennis, but as he said "That doesn't make me love you one bit less than I do, my beautiful man-bride."

Paul complained that the Swami had spent most of the time with Sharon, but the Swami was only preparing her for her duties and responsibilities as a wife. He was giving her remedial lessons in inner-muscle undulation.

Tom awoke with Betsy, Suzanna and the remains of the fresh herb dip in the Garden of the Pink Blossom. Tom was full clothed.

So that magical weekend was the start of what has become a truly wonderful and magical marriage. Yes, I fondly think back to that day with my beautiful bride, surrounded by our friends and a tranquil environment. Ah yes, I think I need to drink a bottle of vodka.

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