When my beautiful wife Karen and I are not entertaining, we often like to take a little time out from the busy world we live in, and spend some moments reflecting on the beauty, splendour and wonder of life.

Often we like to drive down to the beach and sit on the golden sands watching the sun setting in front of us while we talk about the things that are special to us.

I remarked to Karen that we are so lucky to have broad-spectrum anti-biotics that are able to clear up itching, burning and mysterious discharges within days.

Karen said that she was particularly grateful that Carl the owner of our local liquor outlet was so kind because he gave her generous discounts in exchange for favours. Yes, that Carl sure is a great guy.

As the golden light shimmered on the gentle waves of the ocean, I said that I was glad we had such a great dealer. Yes, "Eddie" (not his real name) is a true professional. For example, if he were to receive a phone call at 3.00 am saying "Hey there, Eddie. It's Bob here. Listen, Karen and I are looking to have a good time so if you could bring over a couple of tabs of Golden Rocket acid, we'd really appreciate it" Eddie would do it. Not only would he be over really quickly, but he'd probably throw in a few joints of Green Glory because we are such great customers.

I picked up a small, smooth shell and lightly tossed it into the enveloping ocean. Karen remarked that she was glad the oral contraceptive pill was available for modern women like herself. Allowing her to partake in sexual encounters without worrying about any side-effects.

Just then we spotted two kids walking hand in hand along the beach. Karen was quick to recognise them as Tony and Alice, a couple of young students who live in our neighbourhood. We invited them over and suggested that we all go skinny dipping. Somehow Tony and Alice's clothes disappeared, so we offered them a ride back to our place.

It was a truly special moment.

© 1997-2002 Robyn Gallagher
Robyn's Secret Passage