You know, it's important to look good when you're entertaining. Sure, you could show up to answer the door in a pair of old jeans and a t-shirt, but would the party go well? I don't think it would.

That's why I always set aside a good half hour to get ready. I have a shower, shave and take some time to get my hair looking good. As you will note, my is hair is looking rather good. My lovely wife Karen has great hair. So does Maria, who I am pictured with here.

Ah, Maria, sweet, young Maria. I used to mix my "Bob's Special" cocktail for her. I'd say "Here's a Bob's Special for you... but, you know, the person around here who is special is you, Maria."

Sometimes Maria would bring her boyfriend Andy along... But I digress. It is important to look your best when you are entertaining guests.

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