As much fun as it is to spend time relaxing in the comfort and privacy of our own home, both Karen and myself like to go out to various night clubs and enjoy the atmosphere and entertainment those clubs have to offer.

One of our favourite night clubs is Club Panama à Go-go. It's a great club and it offers us all we need for a good night out.

The main attraction is the musical talents of Virgil. He is a cool daddy-o wild cat and he plays that double bass with such fire and passion that they say the devil must have posessed his soul. Sometimes, if he's in the right mood, he does a dark and mysterious version of the Door's classic "Light my fire".

But the Panama offers more than just Virgil. The waitresses serving there are very young and attractive. I enjoy giving them large tips when they bend over and let me see down their tops. Some of them do not wear brassieres. My favourite waitress, Melissa, is available for very private waitressing.

And what would a visit to Club Panama à Go-go be without sampling some of their tasty salsa? Served with freshly baked nacho chips, it's hot and spicy and usually brings on hallucinations after about 20-30 minutes.

I should also mention the wonderful cocktails the Club offers. Their most famous drink is the Slow Comfortable Anal Ramming with Lots of Lube and a Condom which is equal parts tequila, cointreau, tequila, lemon juice, tequila, and vodka to taste all mixed together with plenty of ice and a twist of lemon.

Another popular drink is the Violated Virgin Bride of Satan which is equal parts bourbon, tequila, orange juice, tequila, lemon juice, tequila, grenadine, tequila and a dash of angostura bitters. I like to drink this on the rocks, or alternatively I pour it over Karen's naked breasts and lick it off.

So as you can see, Karen and I have a blast at Club Panama à Go-go. But as much as we have fun there, it's great to get home and let the night continue. Even better if Melissa comes home with us.

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