Here are seven handy tips to make mixing drinks easy!

Measure exactly
Wondering why they aren't getting drunk as fast as you'd hoped? It could be that that "dash" was closer to a "splash". Use exact measurements for good results.

Shaking and stirring
Stir drinks that are made with clear liquors and shake drinks with harder to blend ingredients such as fruit juices. Either way, make sure you use rapid hand movements.

What comes first?
It's simple: Sugar - ice - liquor - the mix - carbonated soda. Who comes first? That's decided after cocktails.

Fruit juice
Press fruit with palm, roll a few times, take into your mouth and suck, then cut and squeeze. For a 'twist' use a knife to cut off lemon skin intro strips and twist.

Ice, ice baby
Always use freshy made, cold, frozen ice. Pour drinks over the ice. And remember to keep some for later.

Chill the glasses
Keep glasses chilled before use. Either fill with ice or store in a refrigerator. To warm glasses press against naked flesh.

How much booze?
For each guest drinking four drinks plan on about 24 ounces per person. But just to be on the safe side, go to your local liquor outlet and buy one of everything.

© 1997-2002 Robyn Gallagher
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