Hi! I'm Bob and this is my lovely wife, Karen. We enjoy hosting cocktail evenings and inviting our friends around for a few drinks, a few laughs and a whole lot of good times.

We thought we'd share some of our secrets to sucessful cocktails and entertaining so you can share in the good times. Soon you'll be entertaining like a pro!

And remember, we love to hear from you, so keep those letters and cards coming in with for recipes and cocktails!

Mixing Tips
Here are seven handy tips to make mixing drinks easy!

A party simply isn't a party without drinks. But which drinks should you serve? The answer is simple. Here are four popular cocktails that are guaranteed to make any party come to life.

My lovely wife Karen is an expert in the kitchen. She can make all sorts of delicious snacks that make our parties extra special

Wine and Cheese
Our good friend Stephano shares some tips for a great wine and cheese evening.

You know, it's important to look good when you're entertaining. Sure, you could show up to answer the door in a pair of old jeans and a t-shirt, but would the party go well? I don't think it would.

You know, both Karen and myself enjoy the company of other adults. But there's also something that we enjoy almost as much.

Good conversation is important for any good social occasion. But so often it is easy to find yourself faced with awkward pauses in the conversation.

Night Clubs
As much fun as it is to spend time relaxing in the comfort and privacy of our own home, both Karen and myself like to go out to various night clubs and enjoy the atmosphere and entertainment those clubs have to offer.

When my beautiful wife Karen and I are not entertaining, we often like to take a little time out from the busy world we live in, and spend some moments reflecting on the beauty, splendour and wonder of life.

Spiritual Guidance
There are times in our lives when my gorgeous wife Karen and myself need a little bit of spiritual guidance.

My lovely wife Karen and I were married by our guru Swami Bhupa. It was a group wedding, along with three other couples that were staying at The Center of Enlightenment and the Tranquil Orchid.

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