Good conversation is important for any good social occasion. But so often it is easy to find yourself faced with awkward pauses in the conversation.

Here I can be seen with the gorgeous Helen engaged in a riviting conversation. To give you an idea of how a good conversation works, Karen hid in a cupboard with our reel to reel tape recorder and recorded our conversation. Here is the transcription.


Bob: Here you go, Helen.

Helen: Thanks, Bob.

Bob: Now I know you said you just wanted a glass of ginger ale, but I thought I'd add just a touch of rum.

Helen: Oh... ok.

Bob: Cheers!

Helen: Cheers! (Coughing noise) Jesus, Bob! How much rum did you put in here? This is almost straight!

Bob: Oh darn, I must have put a little bit too much in.

Helen: Yeah... well...

Bob: So Helen, did anyone ever tell you that you're a very attractive young woman.

Helen: Uh... thanks, Bob.

Bob: And that's a very fetching blouse you have on. That shade of beige brings out the sparkle in your eyes.

Helen: Thanks. Uh, that's a nice sweater you have.

Bob: It is, yes. But you know what? It's getting kind of hot in here, I think the air conditioning is broken so I think I'll just take my sweater off.

Helen: Ok.. so Bob, when are the others coming?

Bob: There was a little mix up with dates. We're the only ones here.

Helen: Oh...

Bob: Oh dear, I have spilled my drink all over my shirt. I will have to take it off.

Helen: You know, it's funny because to me it looked like you just tipped the drink on yourself. Hey, do you have anything to eat?

Bob: My nipples are erect. Oh, here, have some of Karen's delicious spring onion dip.

Helen: Thanks... Mmmm, this is good.

Bob: Another drink?

Helen: No thanks.. this dip is really good. Oh hey... (giggles) cool. Did you see that. It's like.. I put my hand in your glass and it was floating. All wavy...

Bob: Hey that's cool, babe. Ok, Karen, she's ready. Let's start.

Helen: Wow....


© 1997-2002 Robyn Gallagher
Robyn's Secret Passage