You know, both Karen and myself enjoy the company of other adults. But there's also something that we enjoy almost as much. And that is tasty dips.

Yes, as you can see from this photo, a range of tasty dips is what can make a party a great party.

Here we see Karen and myself enjoying drinks and dips with Chris and his attractive wife Cathy.

Before Chris and Cathy arrived Karen prepared some bowls of dips garnished with a fresh sprig of parsley and a selection of light snacks. To dip with Karen cut up a selection of vegetables including capsicums and celery.

To compliment the dips I made a selection of drinks from my extremely well-stocked bar.

The dips proved to be very popular with Cathy and Chris. Infact, Chris just couldn't stop dipping into the spring onion and LSD dip, while Cathy sipped on her rum 'n' speed.

It wasn't before long that Cathy and Chris were completely open to suggestion and when I suggested we all get in the jacuzzi, Cathy whipped off her lovely yellow sweater and jumped in.

A great evening for all!

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