"TOO TTOOT!!!" Can you hear that nooise? Yes that is the train and it is that the station and it is going on a journeey to Healthy Lifestlye Ville!!! "All abaord!!!!" This is my story of my weight loss journhey and I am sharing it with you and puting it on the internet as an "icnentive" to keep up the journey!!!!

Height: 158 cm
Start weight: 102.3 kgs
Current weight: 97.2 kgs
Goal weight: 49.8 kgs

YEs as you can see I have quite a way to go yet!!!!! lol

Here is my "before" virtual doll picturew: This is what i will look like "after" when I have reached my goal weigth and am at my healthy lifestyle!!!!
Yes as you can see I've got quite a bit of weight to lose here. but this is here as an inventice andmotivation for me to "do something" about my healthy lifestyle!!! If only I was as pretty as she is!!! lol I have decided that I will "reward" myself with a new hair cut and Ive always wanted to be a cute blonde like "Meg Ryan". Or Jennier Aniston.


I love my food and you will see my down at the Hillside Fish Supplies ordering fish and chips!!! Then I had back pain and I went to the doctor and she told me that i should lose some weight well i was absolutely gutted and had a good cry. then i realised that the "solution" was not to "go on a diet" byt to totally change my life style so that it was a "healthy" lifestyle!!! now i have been doing this for just over a month and i have already lost over 5kgs!!! I'm totally stoked!!! lol

I have already started making healthy choices and i am walking. I still enjoty my food but i know now that I don't have "starve myself" or. I'm still a fully fledged choc-o-holic though!!!! lol


Week 1

I was absolutely stoked to se that I lost over 2 kgs!!!! What a good positive start!!! I managed to have a really nummy pasta salad. And I walked down to the diary and bought my very first bottle of trim milk!!! :) :) :) :)

Week 2

Only lost 1.1 kgs this week. im not sure what went wrong. I think I might have to go easy on the choccies!!!!1 lol i am thinking about joining the swimming centre but i'm not sure if they make swimming togs in my size lol!!!!

Week 3

i keep loosing less and less weight!!! what is wrong!!! only 900 grams this week!!! lol i think iwill have to make sure i drink my water. i read on a web site that i will might be addicted to protein so maybe cut that out.

Week 4

Yeh!!!! 700 grams lost!!! i am accentuation the positive and not getting upset because i saw a web site that said "first weeks weight loss can be a lot on a new program". i am positive and am celelbrating my new healthy lifestyle because this is not a "short term" or "yo! yo! diet" that doesn't work it is a long term healthy lifestyle!!!!

Week 5

Only 500 grams this week but i don't mind. ive decided not to join the swimming centre because i think i might be allergict to clorine. i had MAJOR choc-o-holic attack yesterday!!! but i walked to the bus stop so that will probably be ok!!! :) :) :) :) :)

Week 8

I have decided that for personal reasons that it would be best if I "gave it a rest" for a while. im not happy that i gained 1.3 kgs this week and have realised that this is not an acceptable result for a so-called "healthly" life style. im still dedicated to this and ill be back heer when i'm back on track. KEEP SHINING!!!!!