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Hi!!! My name is Bob and this is my WEB PAGE/URL!!! I hope you don't find it too boring!

This page is under construction!! :P

Um... what can I say next? I suppose I'd better tell you a bit about myself!


I haven't got a picture of myself because I don't want to break your monitor (G) :)!!!

Well, I was born on the 22nd of December 1974 in Waikato Hospital which is in the beautiful city of Hamilton, New Zealand.

"Where????" For all you Americans out there in cyberspace, New Zealand (Home of the America's Cup - shame on you "dirty" Denis Coner) is a small country that is near - but not part of - Australia. New Zealand has got the north island, the south island and stuart island and also "the west island" - Australia *grin* .

Hamilton is a city in New Zealand and that is where I live. Hamilton a very beautiful city. One of the best things about Hamilton is that they Mighty Waikato River flows through the heart of it. Hamilton also is the host of the world famous Fieldays which is an annual even where farmers come to Hamilton and look at farming things. Hamilton is surrounded by rural land and is a great place to bring up kids:)

Waikato Univeristy is in Hamilton and is on a beautiful green lake. Send them some email!!!


(I know this isn't a tea pot but it is the closest I could get!!! :))

I only have one hobby at the moment and that is teapot collecting. I only have one teapot but it is an antique - it is from the 70's and it is purple. I use it to make tea in. If anyone has a a teapot they want to give me - email me. Also if you know a teapot WWW email me too!!! :)


When I am not surfing the net I like to IRC!!! My name on IRC is fluFFFy. The next time you are on IRC say hello to me!!! I like to hang out on #nz (hi to all #nz people!!!!) and #!!!!!!!teenz (hello to the #!!!!!!!teenz crew!!) plus also #Canada!!!!!

Bored yet????? :)

Here are some of my :


The McKay Family are also from Hamilton and they are a really GOOD PAGE!!!!

NEW FRINED!!! This is my new special friend and I can not remember his name but he is a top person and I can NOT reccomend this site highly enought!!!!

My best friend "G00SE". G00SE lives in West Virginia USA and one day I hope to meet him/her!!!!! (Hi Goosey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-))

This is my new friend and I don't know his name but it is a kewl page anyway!!!!

Cuddles lives in Perth, Australia and will soon have her own web page!!! (*hugz*)

Garby - who is a special member of the internet community (hi!!!)

Royce is a friend of mine and he designs web pages too!!!!!

MHhawes is proof that you don't have to be young to surf the net!!!

Send them all some EMAIL!!!! They would REALLY LIKE THAT!!!! :):):):)

Ok! Now here are some:


The White House - tell Billy "Boy" Clinton what you think!!
Yahoo - search for things!!!
The Ultimate Band list - look up you're or my favourite bands
Plus I have discovereed a kewl new search "engine" and it is called Alter Visita. Visit it NOW and do a search for mre !!!
If you want your web page listed here and let me know!!!

*NEWS FLASH!!* :-)

I now design web pages!!! Resonable rates!!! Just email me and tell me what you want!)

I also do things like I designed the "Under Construction sign!!!! I did it on Paint which is a realy good drawing programme!!! And I did the red starts!!!!! The rest of it I got from other web pages. If anything is yours and it's not supposed to be there let me know!!!! Or if you want me to put a credit I will!!!

I also made this divider:

Um, I can't work out how to do multiple pages so there is just one, but once I can do that I will have MORE THAN ONE! - STOP PRESS!!!! I CAN do multiple pages!!! And I have done one - check it out by clicking here!!!!

I would love to hear from you so don't just sit there - ! I want to make lots of friends from all around the world because after all that is the whole purpose of the WWWeb!

So far people have seen my web page!!!! (You're all MAD!!!!!!!! lol!!!)