I was shocked and saddenede to hear the news. To help me cope with the "grieving process" my therapist has suggest that I write a peom.

Special thanks 2 my special internet friend "Brass" for designing this BEAUTIFUL picture of the Space Shuttle Columbia on it's last voyage to the cosmos!!! ****hugz****


O great white space bird in the sky
Why did you explode? I ask myself why.
And what of your precious human payload
Where they are now, alas, only they know

Since the first launch in 1981
Columbia has flown so close to the sun
But like Icarus in the old Greek story
Columbia too would fall from glory

Four men, two women and a noble Jew
Boarded the shuttle and into space they flew
On board there was no time for depravity
They studied dirt, insects and the effects of gravity

A giant leap for those seven explorers
They flew around the stars, including Taurus.
And when their spacely duties were done
It was back to earth to have some fun.

Returning that day in February
Something went wrong, oh it was so scary
Upon re-entry to planet Earth
The situation went from bad to worse

Over Texas debris was flying
I watched CNN and started crying
O Columbia, what have we done?
I feel like I've lost a daughter or son.

Space is mysterious and exciting
The promise of the heavens is inviting
But did we take one step too far?
Should we stick to driving cars?

But those brave seven astronauts
Will always stay in our thoughts
And when I look at the sky at night
I know seven stars will be shining bright

Also special thanks 2 my other special internet friend "Darklord Bob" who designed this beautiful picture of the Space Shuttle orbiting the earth and the seven special star's of hope!!!! ****hugz****

REMEMBER: There are angles smiling down on all of us!!!!

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