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The author

I was born and raised on the mean streets of Hamilton, however I escaped and I now represent in Auckland, Aotearoa/New Zealand.

I like the Waitakere ranges and the west coast beaches.

I am an award-winning writer because in 2001 I won the NZ Net Awards award for Best Personal Writing. Cool, huh?

I like driving. I also like walking. My favourite muscle is the tricep.

I look like this, sometimes:

Other times I talk with my mouth full and I look disgusting.

I care a lot.

Sometimes I am undecided.

I blog at Sensible Erection - but you should not go there if you're under 18 and content may offend, ok?

My profile at Mediawhore.

I wrote this [email protected] at Design Beef.

The web site

It's a labour of like. Or it's like a dude who joins a rock band to meet chicks.

It's a collection of vowels and consonants put into place with little letters in angle brackets.

Oh no, this is what happens when I work on my web site late at night. Everything gets all minimalistic and introspective.

Don't you listen to what they say

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